Sunday, October 17, 2010

Run 13, Day 6

The return of Murphy: 180-odd adventures banked for the stat day today and I woke up sick. I should have known something like that would happen. Luckily I was able to get my pain level down to the point I could stand to play, albeit late in the day.

I didn't have many goals because I didn't know what realistic goals to have with so many turns banked. I just wanted to get as high-leveled as I could and get as much questing done as I could. Easy, right?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Run 13, Day 5

Guess what tomorrow is? That's right - Moxie Day! Guess what I didn't start yesterday? That's right - banking turns!

So today will be really simple. (Which is good, because today Boise State plays San Jose State, the Sharks have their home opener, and the NLCS starts in San Francisco. I'm going to be glued to the television all day.) I'm going to do the barrels for some boozings. I'm going to eat and drink. I'm *not* going to spleen because that would require getting the feathers. All my other turns are getting banked for tomorrow.

What could go wrong?

Afterthoughts: I didn't count on how many adventures I actually would be spending so I got a lot more done than I expected. I'm all set up so tomorrow I can ballroom to 9 and also do the Bonerdagon, which I saved for tomorrow because of the stat day. I also saved the roc feather and a couple of gongs for the stat days ahead.

Now that I think about it level 9 is a good day for a stat day because of the stats from the leaflet and the stat script.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Run 13, Day 4

Lots of things to do in the Kingdom today! This is the point where I know what needs to be done but I don't know how far I should be getting level-wise. They're getting further apart and harder to judge. So I'll wing it.

Goals: Level 8, finish Cyrpt sub-zones, open Manor second floor, collect pirate insults. That doesn't seem like much to me, but I guess it's a fair few turns. After that I'll need to move on to opening the ballroom and the F'cl'e.

Afterthoughts: Except for the excitement at the end of the third gong it went pretty smoothly. I'm ready to do the Barr and possibly open the Ballroom. I think I timed the Goatlet poorly - it would have been a great place to do gongs. Live and learn, I guess.

One more thing - I really need to get the hippy outfit. I need the mixers like whoa.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run 13, Day 3

Today we come to the last big bottleneck of a run. (After this the turns come pretty easily and the quests are plentiful.) With it comes more questions. How fast can I get Liver? How much Hell Ramen can I get? Should I do the Shore before or after the Liver? Can I get enough combats in the Friar's zones to get Roc feathers? Is eating Skittles for breakfast really a good idea?

Goals: Liver of Steel (which includes the Level 6 quest, of course). Open the Island for mixers. 2 gongs for roc feathers. Level 7-1/2 at least. Which means a significant portion of the Cyrpt quest as well.

There has been discussion in /hardcore about placement of stat days in a speed run. The general consensus seems to be that they should be placed around level 9, which means around Day 5. This is going to cause a problem for me in the contest as I will have a much-beloved houseguest through 1 November. I could probably get away with spending one or two days concentrating fiercely on KoL...but not the whole week. (To say nothing of Samhain being a religious holiday.) I'm still going to make a contest run, but I may have to admit that it won't even be the very best I can do. I'm okay with that. There's always next time.

After adventure thoughts: I think I did really well today. Every adventure, even the ones leveling, were spent advancing a quest or in a necessary zone. The only exception is the clover adventures to get disembodied brains, which will generate/save more than the turns they took. I did not quite make it to 7-1/2; more like 7-1/4. It's still an improvement for me and hopefully I can continue at this pace.

The moxie stat days this run are Sunday and Monday, which will be days 6 and 7 of this run. We'll see how that works out.

PS - Blogger's HTML parser is a right pain in the arse.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Run 13, Day 2

As soon as my laundry is done I'll be diving into my much anticipated day 2! I have a whole stack of questions for myself such as: do I have the mana (and talent) to get myself a roc feather? Where should I adventure for half a level? Should I do the Bat Cave now? Can I survive the barrels? Where am I going to get the meat to fund all this?

Long story short, I have more questions than answers.

I do have a whole to-do list of goals and chores today. Level 6, defeat Boss Bat, digital key, open the Island, open the library. I would really like to get my liver today but I think that it's just out of my reach.

After action thoughts: Remembering how to do birdform made me a bit scattered in the early going. I managed to do the bat hole, the 8-bit and most of the harem, though, so I guess it wasn't too bad. It was definitely worth the stats and turns from the roc feathers.

I did make level 6, but not without eating unfortunately. I may have been able to do so if I'd drunk first...I just now realized that I spaced that. D'oh.

I am one pixel short of the key and 5 shore trips and a guild challenge away from the Island; other than that I made my goals. Tomorrow I'll get my liver. Onward and upward!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run 13, Day 1

I apologize for the long disappearance; I've been ill and barely could find the energy to finish run 12 much less post it. I'll try to get the logs up soon but they will be rather sparse in the notes department.

On to the good news: I finally started run 13 today!

Goals for this run: 10 days or less, perm Ode to Booze, get an idea of how the contest will be and when to place the stat days.

Goals for Day 1: Tavern quest, level 4 for booze, Rock 'N' Roll Legend, open Manor, get Knob Encryption Key.

I think my day 1 was a grand success. There was no flailing about wondering what to do next. I managed all the goals, got halfway to level 5, plus additionally opened the Hidden Temple, retrieved Fernswarthy's key, and made my squeezebox of the ages. It's the best day one I've ever achieved - now I'm stressing about what to do to follow it up!

Logs after the break.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Run 12, Day 13

This numbering is a little misleading - there were a couple of days I was ill and didn't log in at all so it was a 15-day run, not a 13. It was still an expedient run, though not fast by any stretch. i did collect 5 lucre along the way and then lucred in aftercore as well.